Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bird & flower

SON: mami, ba't upo mo bird ni dadi?
MOM: tago ko sa flower ko para di kita.
SON: si yaya iba, sa bibig tago bird ni dadi, tapos si dadi kausap flower ni yaya..

Smoker"s Style

Why is position 69 in Sex called Smoker"s Style?

Ans: While she is enjoying the Cigar, he is busy cleaning the Ashtray...

Alcoholic drinks r bad 4 my legs


Guy: Can l buy u a drink?
Girl: No u can't. Alcoholic drinks r bad 4 my legs.

Guy: Why? Do dey swell?
Girl: No, dey spread...


Useless schooling

Females r also nakkalito. Dey wer educated w/ alphabet,trained 2 speak in school.But wen they make love, they say nothing but Ah,Eh,Ih,Oh,Uh. Useless schooling.

Vegetarian women

Why are Vegetarian women silent during sex?
Ans: Because they are in shock that a piece of meat can give them so much pleasure! (",)